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garage door repair near me

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garage door broken spring

Garage door springs, particularly extension springs, are an essential component of garage door operation. At Long Beach Garage Door Guys, We replace and repair a huge amount of garage door springs. Garage door spring replacements are performed by our service specialists in a highly safe manner.

garage door opener installation in long beach



We can help, whether you want a new garage door opener, need an old one fixed, or just have questions. No matter the issue, our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians can upgrade or repair your garage door opener and can also provide advice on whether it would be more cost-effective to install a new opener or fix the current one.

garage door repair long beach near me

Did you know that most G/D rollers should be replaced after five years? Many people ignore the small mechanical details a roller provides. However, G/D rollers are one of the most essential parts of the overall setup. When your G/D goes off track, it could be due to several reasons. We’ll help get your door back on track by aligning the rails, fixing springs, connecting cables, replacing rollers, and anything else we need to do.

garage door replacement Long Beach
Garage door repair near me
Garage Door Installation Long Beach


Replacements | Repair | Installation | Service | Tune-Up

From replacement to repair, we do it all.


COVID-19  We're open as usual, Always wearing face masks & gloves. your & our safety is our first priority.


You Deserve The Best

Did you know that a properly installed G/D can last you more than a decade? Quality repair in Long Beach gives you peace of mind in knowing your investment is safe. By using state-of-the-art materials, tools, and equipment, we’ll ensure your home stays protected with a functioning garage door repair in Long Beach.


For us, it’s more of a passion than an obligation. As born and raised Long Beach residents, we love our great city and want to see its residents happy. Take a look at some of the garage doors repair Long Beach services we can provide you below.


Broken Spring Repair Near Me

If you visibly notice that your spring is broken, don’t move the door. Trying to force open or use the automatic opener with broken springs risks injury to yourself, and your property, and can break your automatic opener.


The best thing to do is leave it to us. Contact the professionals and we'll get out to you as soon as possible. The last thing you want to do is damage something else while trying to maneuver a garage door with broken springs. Stop the bleeding and give us a call.

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Automatic Opener Near Me

Automatic openers are fairly straightforward pieces of technology that require proper maintenance and care. If you’re experiencing G/D opener failure, the most likely reason is a dying battery. When you notice the remote transmitter not functioning, give us a quick call. We’ll walk you through a short test to see if your batteries need replacement.


Your opener may not be working for a multitude of reasons. From experience, we can tell you it’s not always as bad as it seems. There are a few adjustments we can attempt to try to bring your G/D opener back to life.

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Garage Door Repair Near Me

Have you just backed into the G/D? Did this year’s rainy season bring debris flying into your home? You may need a garage door repair for several reasons. You’d be surprised at some of the ways your G/D can break.


Even something as simple as a small three-mile-an-hour bumper kiss is enough to knock your door off its tracks and misalign the rails. We’ll help you make quick work of this disaster to get your G/D repair completed in a jiffy.


New Installation / Replacement Near Me

In certain circumstances, you’ll need an entire G/D replacement. Whether you’re suffering from a mechanical failure or undergoing remodeling, we’ll help you get that G/D replacement checked off your list.


Give us a call to see what garage doors we have in stock for you. Our warehouse maintains plenty of quality parts and equipment we can use to complete your G/D project over the weekend.

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New Installation Long Beach 

Are you planning on ordering a custom G/D? Have you fallen in love with a uniquely designed piece of art? As soon as your G/D arrives, we’ll get started on a world-class G/D installation in Long Beach service.


We love helping homeowners and landlords get their properties up to speed. Don’t hesitate to get your free estimate for installing that G/D today. We understand there are many different types of garage doors and we work with them all. Give us a ring to see how we can help you out right now.


Garage Door Service Near Me

With a reputation of honesty and integrity, the Long Beach Garage Door Repair Guys are your go-to option for G/D repair in Long Beach. Nobody else delivers passionate attention to detail like us. When it comes to having the confidence that your G/D will be repaired and installed properly, you want to work with a professional team. Take a look at our reviews and reputation to see why we are your best choice for garage door service in Long Beach.


Electric Gate Repair & Installation Near Me

Electric gates can make a great addition to any home or apartment complex. They are quiet, and sleek, and provide an easy-to-install option for many locations. When you suffer an electric gate break, don’t wait for weeks to get it fixed. We'll get out to you with emergency electric gate repair and installation services to help protect your property now. Through hassle-free speedy, electric gate repair and installation services, we’ll help keep the stress off your shoulders.


Driveway Gate Repair Near Me

What type of driveway gate do you have? Are you using an 18th-century electric wrought iron driveway gate? Perhaps something more contemporary? Either way, our driveway gate repair specialists will help you return things to normal. The Long Beach Garage Door Repair Guys have a legacy of service that customers love and appreciate.


Why Should You Choose Us?


  • We're Local

  • We're Licensed

  • We're Open 24 hours, all week around.

  • Same Day Service

  • We Stock All Parts

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Honest And Reliable Service

  • Emergency Service

Long Beach Garage Door Service- We're a Family owned and managed company. We are Open 24 hours, Based in Long Beach, and provide professional repair & installation services all over Long Beach & Seal Beach.
We provide a service that is trustworthy and dependable, Customer service is our first priority.


We serve;

Electric Automatic Gates | Residential & Commercial.

  • Garage Door Repair Near Me

  • Garage Door Service Near Me

  • Broken / Snapped Cable Repair / Replacement 

  • Broken Spring Replacement

  • LiftMaster Opener Installation

  • Off Track Repair

  • Electric Gate Operator Installation

  • Electric / Automatic Gate Repair

  • Panel Repair / Replacement

  • Wall-button, Sensors, Wireless Keypad, Remotes, Backup Batteries, Safety Sensors, Struts, Inches, Bearing Plate, Pulley, Brackets

  • Quiet Silicone Rollers, Stainless Steel Plates

  • Automatic Gate Operator Installation And Repair

  • Replacement Near Me

  • Roll Up, Wood & Carriage House

LiftMaster garage door opener
Garage door repair long beach ca

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Why Should You Choose Us?


  1. We're Local

  2. We're Licensed

  3. We Open 24-7

  4. Same Day Service

  5. We Stock All Parts

  6. Satisfaction Guaranteed !

  7. Honest And Reliable Service

  8. Emergency Service

broken spring repair long beach

Broken Spring Replacement all over Long Beach.

We take all distinct kinds of torsion springs. We are offering dependable pricing! The cost Range to get a springtime generally runs around $69 - 175 plus the installation charge.

Phone us now and get your spring.

garage door opener installation

Automatic Opener Repair Long Beach

We install and repair all kinds of G/D openers. Our top seller is LiftMaster. We carry all distinct versions of LiftMaster; Belt Driven, Chain Driven & Jackshaft (Side Mount). We have remotes & keypads for many distinct kinds of motors.

garage door repair long beach

Long Beach Garage Door Repair Near Me

Supply 24 Hours Repairs | Off-track repair

 Broken Hinge, and Roller Replacement.
That generally occurs when something got found either on the way down or up.

garage door replacement in long beach

New Door Replacement
We carry in stock 24 gauge steel / Polly back/steel back. Factories we working with;
Wayne Dalton, Martin, C.H.I., Amarr, Unique, and more.

LA400 - Gate Operator installation

Electric Gate Installation & Repair

We work on residential and commercial gates,
When it is a swing, overhead or sliding gate - We fix it or can construct it.

Have issues with your automatic door? We're doing garage door repair & installation over time and happen to be in the business for many years. We've established an excellent reputation due to our outstanding service.

Ensure our top objective will be to give quality service to our precious customers. Thus, to achieve our goal, we make sure customer services and our gear are of high quality. So the work would be done we can perform at our best.


Why should you choose Long Beach Garage Door Repair Guys to service your door?

Repairing your G/D issue is difficult, especially in fixing it if you don't have any background knowledge. Then contemplating assistance from a specialist from Garage Door Repair Long Beach, CA is essential if that is your issue and it's what you'll need.

As with the goal of our business, we ensure that our offered repair services all are done perfectly and professionally. We now have extensive expertise in repairing any problems with your door. So, if you have an issue related to this issue, your garage door services business can be trusted. Additionally, you can expect excellent care service to ensure your door works well, reducing the danger of damage.

You'll certainly expertise the most incredible service you need because hiring our firm will not only function as the most excellent option but will even provide you with several edges if you consider hiring our firm. Every part of a
G/D is crucial for its triumphant performance. Tracks, springs, and other tools are critical factors that work to open and shut the G/D, and it is going to need gear and specific expertise to be able to repair it since the G/D is heavy.

We also understand the best way to enhance the look of your door in your house, although we're not there to allow you to do the fixing.

Our firm will offer quality garage door repair at a pretty complete service, ranging from broken rollers and broken cords to bent and corrode paths. The outside team will ensure that as our skilled repair staff is hired by you, your door is now able to operate flawlessly and functionally.

Repair staff, your door is now able to work flawlessly and functionally. So, when you need to use it for shutting and opening, there will be no irritating issue that will stress you. All of us can help you at our most significant which you will end up a meeting to work later on regarding your door problem.

LiftMaster, Clopay, Linear, Stanley, Genie, Marantec, Sears, C.H.I., Craftsman, Amarr, Overhead Doors, Elite, Wayne-Dalton, Chamberlain.

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Michael C.

Garage Door Repair Long Beach

Came out the same morning and within the window. Went thru the cost and options without pushy upsell. Got it working nicely and quickly. Worth it!

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