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How much does it cost to replace garage door spring?

The cost for the spring should run anywhere around $75 to $145 plus $75-125 labor.

The total cost for the entire job can be around $250 - $450 for parts, labor and sales tax.

* Spring replacement can be done at the same day, We stock over 20 different sizes on our trucks.


How does the spring help the door and what is the purpose of it?

These Set Of Springs Are In Charge Of Holding The Weight Of The Door.
The Springs Hold The Door Down So When The Tension Unwind The Door Will Be Lifter.
The Garage Door Torsion Springs Is A Part Of A Mechanism That Consists Of 3 Bearing Plates And Is Built
Above Head At The Center Of The Garage Door.
The Winding Cone Itself Consists Of Holes Every 90 Degrees To Help You Wind It Correctly.



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Important TIP - Do not try to loose or tihten the screws on garage door spring


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