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Garage Door Replacement -

Remodeling your home? Having broken / old garage door? We can install a new one for you.

Call us today for a free estimate, we have a model that is just right for you.

We carry;

  • Wooden Doors

  • Steal Doors

  • Carriage Doors

  • Glass / Aluminum Door


Our experts can help you choose what best suits your needs. You can customize your own garage door design or

you may choose from any other factory we work with;

  • Unique Garage Door

  • Amarr Garage Door

  • C.H.I. Doors

  • Deluxe Garage Door

  • Martin Doors

  • Wayne-Dalton Garage Door


Our professional installers will be able to replace your door in one day. When the installation is complete, It will be clean and beautiful.

We will haul away your old door at no cost to you.


We're at Long Beach Garage Door Guys consider customer service our highest priority and we guarantee all the work we do.

We look forward to servicing you, Please call us today!

Garage Door Installation Long Beach, CA -

Long Beach Garage Door Repair Guys Company offers supreme installation and repair service that ensures long-lasting operation, strength and attractiveness. We've specially chosen parts and garage doors to supply in an extremely capable cost to our customers.

Long Beach Garage Door Repair Service offers extensive collection of designs that fit flawlessly with your unique uses whether it is for commercial, residential or industrial. Touch base with us and our staffs will be happy to present to you our finest collection. We supply our customers with just the finest models and those are in all-inclusive bundle with bonded motors and efficient operation, guarantee, and apparatus that are required.

We take pride of our compare installation, which is constantly made to customer's specifications with preciseness and with 100% guaranteed durability and quality. Working in this company for years now, we understand the value of a garage door in one's residence and company equally so we never compromise quality. So whether you are in need of new or repair, we're the one you should call. Locally handled, we're specialists in an extremely affordable rate.

Ensuring a garage door that is fine is more than simply a cosmetic concern but more about the efficient functioning of the whole system. A damaged door for example, can hamper the simple procedure for shutting and opening the door. That could chain the springs and issues together. You're not only subjecting it to poor look but get it for burglars to break in also, when your garage door is broken or overly worn out already. So, call Long Beach Garage Door Repair Guys today to check on state. We'll perform the repair that is greatest to get it back to shape that is great and we'll assist you to find the outstanding kind and model if a fresh door is needed.

Never settle for less but just for the finest, and you can have it.


Call us today and get 25$ OFF.


Important TIP - Do not install your door with unlicensed company.


Need a new door? Call us today at 562-684-7141 and we will give you a free estimate over the phone.

  • Garage Door Replacement Long Beach, CA
  • Garage Door Installation Long Beach, CA
  • Garage Door Reinstallation Long Beach, CA
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