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We can install, repair, and reprogramme a garage door opener at Long Beach Garage Door Guys. We have firsthand knowledge of the BEST garage door openers currently available, having installed a wide variety of garage door openers in Long Beach, including belt drives, chain drives, Genie, and Liftmaster. The top-tier garage door openers from Long Beach Garage Doors come with the newest safety features, cutting-edge technology, and whisper-quiet motors. An opener with a chain or belt drive is an option. As of July 1, 2019, ALL newly sold and produced garage door openers must have a battery backup for safety features.

8160WB DC Battery Backup Chain Drive
Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

8160WB Chain Drive with DC Battery Backup

Wi-Fi garage door opener The myQ® app on smartphones can be used to control it thanks to built-in Wi-Fi®.

The DC motor operates quietly and smoothly.

It has a chain drive with industrial strength.


It makes it possible to deliver Amazon Prime packages safely to garages.

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